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V Line Havoc 400 ATV

MSRP: $4,399.00
Price: $4,095.00
You Save: $304.00 (7 %)
Powerful workhorse for those jobs that can't be put off until tomorrow. The V Line 400 ATV gets it done! With easy push button transmission, double a-arm front and rear suspension and heavy duty winch there is nothing holding down this ATV.

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Optional Snow Plow Available for $300
Manufacturer: Pitster Pro Motorcycles and ATV's Complete
$200 Flat Rate Shipping

Product Reviews

(4 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great value....minor issues
Jim Beau (Wyoming) 4/6/2012 10:07 PM
Overall, the Havoc is a great value -- you get alot for the money when compared to other ATV's. It looks good (the shinny rims & aggressive racks help. Since it is a carb machine, there are some minor issues with set-up/running/chaning altitude. This ATV is set-up to be street legal! "Daytime running lights" -- in otherwords, it always has lights burning; turn signals (front and back), brake lights and a functional horn. There are some great features -- push button shifting (albeit, it clunks hard at times and takes some getting used to...especially going to/from reverse); the back-up pull-cord starter; great lights (single in the middle, two in the normal expected spots); winch (not sure I'd call it heavy duty, plus the fact you have to attach the controller each time you use it...there is no handlebar mount nor wireless); hitch ball; plus other minor things. Since there is no clutch, there are times when it feels gutless (especially on steeper hills or tougher terrain). The ride is rough compared to other modern ATV's (maybe moving the shocks to a softer setting will help). It doesn't compare to my Grizzly, but then again it's less than 1/2 the price -- so, it's really not fair to compare them. The Havoc's best attribute is simple: Bang for the buck.
It's all about value
Jim (Wyoming) 3/28/2012 5:16 AM
Are there ATVs out there which are faster....better handling...more technically advanced...bigger...stronger? Yes, to all of the above. Is there an ATV out there which is a better value? no, No, NO! This ATV starts-up everytime, runs well, handles decently, has good power and overall performance. I have zero regrets making this purchase. It's taking me (and others who ride it) some time to get used to shifting to/from reverse, but I've no doubt it'll become second nature. The push-button shifting is very cool! Easy, intuitive and solid. The brakes are decent...still trying to figure out the brakes while in 4-wheel drive. While it doesn't compare (nor is it fair to do so) to my Grizzly with it's 700cc's, power steering, motor braking and superior suspension -- it did cost 1/2 as much...yet provides almost as much fun. I've yet to have any need for service or parts, so I can't attest to those areas. I hope I won't need um; and if I do, I hope availablity isn't an issue.