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Venture (Large) Bag

MSRP: $439.00
Price: $361.25
You Save: $77.75 (18 %)
Bring the kitchen sink if you want! The Nomad Rider Venture bag is big enough to bring all your necessities and additional comforts you could ever want on your next big adventure! Easy to transport from bike to bike with no additional rack systems required! Durable universal mounting design system allows easy mounting and dismounting of your gear. The removable separation bags allow you to compartmentalize your gear and keep the dirt laundry away from the clean! Additional straps located on the rear allowing for easy strapping of additional bags, chair, or rill pack to the rear or top of the Venture bag. additional side pockets for your quick access items or water bottles.
This bag is compatible with Street bike, Dirt bikes, Enduro bikes, and Cruisers. Check the photo gallery of this product for your specific bike type application.

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